AEG Protect Rectifier RCS 24-220 VDC

General Application Areas:

  • Standard system configurations - cost effective, short lead time solutions

  • Customized systems - enhance the standard system by selecting from an extensive range of options

  • All systems built with advanced GCAU - Generic Control and Alarm Unit

  • Communications system used to monitor and control the defined parameters locally or remotely.

  • Choice of several types of batteries:
    􏰀 Nickel-cadmium – vented or gas recombination 􏰀 Lead acid – vented or gas recombination

  • Advance Battery Management

  • Parallel operation

  • Simplified maintenance

  • High MTBF and low MTTR

    􏰀 Bespoke documentation; drawings, manuals

    􏰀 Total solutions – including switchgear, load distribution

  • International Service support – comprehensive

    packages including;

  • Product Services: Installation, Commissioning, Service


  • Site Services: Load testing, monitoring ...


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