The Main Philosophy of ARTronic
"Global Happiness"

We started out by following certain principles. Thanks to these principles, we have continuously grown in the fluctuating economy of our country and the world.

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“Global Happiness” is one of the most important principles that has helped ARTronic to cooperate with giant global brands over the past 23 years, supplying solutions and services all over Turkey and exporting to many countries around the world. We believe that continuous success comes from the “happiness” of everybody.

We express our gratitude to all of our ARTronic family who has worked and is still working with us since beginning, all of our competitors who forced us to be innovators and stay dynamic, the important global suppliers who we represent in Turkey, our business partners and especially to our customers.

Just like we have been doing for the past 23 years, we will continue to work for the happiness of everybody by producing product and service for the welfare of humanity.

In this context as ARTronic, in the face of third party we undertake;

  • To represent the global brand producers for whom we are business partner and distributor in Turkey and different foreign countries, as required and with a high prestige,
  • To behave frankly and give full support to our distributors who are in collaboration with us in domestic and foreign markets, by assuming them as our business partner,
  • To protect environment in production, sales, service and distribution processes,
  • To stand, in any case, away from any approaches which harms our rivals, by activating in normal competition conditions.
  • To offer quality product and service to our customers and be sensitive to their problems,
  • To supply the best duty and working conditions to our workers by having respect to their rights.

We know that happiness is sole value which increases as it is shared and our happiness can enlarge maximum until the limit of others’ unhappiness.



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