Fusion Module 2000 Data Center

General Application Areas:

Application Scenarios

  1. Single module is applied to small or medium data center (total ITload≤200kW, area≤100m2
  2. Multiple modules can be used to construct a large data center to meet large enterprise data center requirements, such as government, education, healthcare, finance, telecom industries data center and etc.
  1. Standardized devices, modular architecture, on-demand deployment 
  2. Intelligent module-level management , easy O&M
  1. Closely coupled cooling, efficient power system, module-level PUE down to 1.06
  2. Aisle containment, separated hot and cold air, eliminating hot spots
  1. Component/device/system tri-level reliability design, ensuring 99.999%availability 
  2. Excellent environment adaptability, stable operations under extreme conditions


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