General Application Areas:

Modular Design

• Thanks to its modular design, the need can be increased as much:

   all power modules, by-pass module and energy control unit

   can be changed under energy.

High Reliability

• Dual-control controller design, elimination of single point feeding errors

Wide input voltage range of 138 ~ 485Vac, which reduces battery usage

Improved Efficiency

• Reduces power losses and operating costs thanks to its efficiency up to 95.5%

High Availability

Better load compatibility: Up to 1 high output power factor and power factor

Zero depreciation for capacitive and inductive loads greater than 0.5

Flexible battery configuration: 30 to 40 interchangeable

battery system user to replace the entire battery system for a faulty battery

makes it sufficient to remove the failing battery from the system instead

Ease of Communication and Management

• RS485, SNMP, dry contact provided as standard

monitoring and management is easier with its interfaces


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