NetCol 5000-A

General Application Areas:

Application Scenarios

  1. Modularized data center and container data center
  2. Equipment room with partial overheat, high thermal density room and room with high energy saving requirement
  3. Medium and small computer rooms and data center (IDC)
  4. Container data center
  1. DC inverter: Stepless cooling capacity output, high efficiency at partial load, suitable especially for data center heat load, IPLV is up to 4.0 
  2. EC fan: 30%~100% stepless modulation, precisely matches the IT device air flow, 30% energy saving
  1. Stable operation at +55ºC: Works stably at high ambient temperature, cooling capacity derating is less
  2. CE certified, strictly complies with Europe EMC standards
  3. Anti-condensation design: Unit’s anti-condensation logic and insulation helps reduce condensation, and ensures safety
  1. Compressor is connected by Rotalock(screw), supports on-site replacement without brazing work
  2. Visible group control function, maximum 32 units can be group controlled


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