Servo Voltage Regulator ARTreg Series 3-150kVA

General Application Areas:

Protection of the user from negative voltages.
Protection of the user and the device from excessive current. Undisturbed pure sinus voltage regulation.
Long-term overload protection and short-term protection.
AC voltage balancing with extremely high accuracy.
Run smoothly on all loads from 0% to 100%.
Manual transfer to bypass regime without regulating.
Display all values against the probabilities in the bypass regime.
Record mains input voltage limits and load current values.
Static, not gradual, dynamically correct output voltage too quickly without user notice.
When protections are activated, record the number of protection trips and the reason for each parameter separately.
Generation as standard is ± 0.4% (379.87V - 382.6V) stable when the input voltage is within the range of 112.6V ..... 537V.


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