General Application Areas:

Our solutions: 

  1. Design, Planning

We offer the ideal design for redundant and continuous operation by prioritizing the requirements of your organization, capacity upgrades you stipulate and your uninterrupted operation. We turn your requirements intoprojects in the least amount of time with our business partners by planning the necessary engineering service for uninterrupted and efficient operation within your budget.

  1. Application

In line with the requirements of your organization, we actualize supply, installation-integration services in turn-key form.

  1. Fire detection and extinguishing system
  • Airborne particle detection
  • Smoke sampling
  • Novec
  • FM200
  • Pyrosol
  1. Electric energy distribution infrastructure
  • Energy cabling
  • UPS and datacenter electric panel design and implementation
  1. Architectural arrangement
  • Selection of appropriate area for datacenter
  • Datacenter design and planning
  • Appropriate cabling and cabin arrangement
  • Efficient cooling design
  1. Security
  • Card access system
  • Fingerprint security system
  • IP camera solutions
  1. Air conditioning solutions
  • In-row air conditioning solutions
  • In-room air conditioning solutions
  • Cooling system copper piping
  1. UPS solutions
  • Modular UPS solutions
  • Rack type UPS solutions
  1. Elevated floor
  • Datacenter elevated floor solutions
  • Cooling grilles
  • Epoxy floor coating
  1. Low current solutions
  • Cat 5 / Cat 6 data cabling solutions
  • Fiber cabling solutions
  • Termination solutions
  1. Server, Network cabinets
  • Datacenter 19” inch rack cabinet solutions
  • Cold / hot corridor datacenter design and implementation
  1. In-cabin energy distribution systems
  • In-cabin energy and data cabling – termination solutions
  1. PDU solutions
  • Basic PDU solutions
  • Monitorable PDU solutions
  • Manageable PDU solutions

As partners of world’s giant technology suppliers and with our business partners, we implement and deliver our complete, value-adding solutions from medium-scale system rooms to large datacenters, from air conditioning to all white are aelements, including all infrastructure and superstructure factors as well as renewable energy.

As ARTronic and together with our business partners, we offer support at each stepof the process and implement the best solutions in not only the 81 provinces of Turkey, but also beyond the border with our project designing, implementationand after-sale services.

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